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Lemtapes Oy
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Lemtapes is an award-winning packaging solutions provider that offers sustainable and recyclable tapes to reinforce packaging and enable easy opening and re-closing. Lemtapes creates added value for food & beverage and non-food goods in retail and e-commerce businesses.

We can help you to improve the functional quality of your packaging throughout the supply chain – from factory to the shelf, with consumer centered approached and in a cost effective way!

Here´re few examples of how to improve packaging functional qualities with Lemtapes: 

  • Optimize packaging for efficient transportation and storage
  • Reduce usage of paper material up to 23%
  • Reinforce bulk bins and other boxes
  • Prevent handholes breaks
  • Avoid packing line breaks
  • Prevent bulging
  • Frustration free: Easy opening with tearing tape & Easy sealing