PROFLOW Bag in Box Filling

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PROFLOW Bag in Box Filling
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ProFlow Bag in Box Filling is a separate brand of ProFruit Machinery™ company and was created specially for Bag in Box filling machinery. Our company manufactures various Bag in Box and Stand up Pouch (Pouch-up) filling machinery as well as sells high-quality Bag in Box & Stand up Pouch packaging all around the world. We also produce fruit, berry & vegetable processing equipment, complete fruit processing and filling machinery lines.

Our filling equipment is specially produced for you to avoid any disturbances and fill all type of liquid products into Bag in Box and Stand up Pouch (Pouch-up) packaging. Our 20 years of experience in manufacturing industry and 10 years of experience in personally using different processing and filling machinery lets us to create innovative solutions so you can enjoy productive and convenient work.

That is why we offer you not only our equipment but also our full assistance and experience so you can avoid any troubles and use our high quality equipment without any unwanted interference.

Wide range

  • Fillers are suitable for all Bag in Box and Stand up Pouch (Pouch-up) packages in different sizes.

Specially made solutions

  • A specially made filling table modification lets to change the height of the table depending on the size of Stand up Pouch packages so they can be filled conveniently and cleanly in sizes 0,75 l – 5 l.

User-friendly experience

  • Our fillers are produced to provide the best user experience. Our equipment is operated easier and more effectively than other producers'.

Modern technologies

  • Implemented modern technologies – touchscreen panels, automatic flowmeters, repeatability possibilities, security glass & other – facilitate the work process.

Individual orders

  • We offer consultations for individual needs and produce custom-made equipment for your exclusive projects and solutions.


  • We invite you to come to our factory and see the equipment by yourself.

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