Dumping Plastic: How Creativity Can End Our Toxic Relationship with Single-Use Plastic

  • Tuesday / 23 October / 2018
  • 12:00-13:00
  • Location The Superbrand Stage


We know plastic is killing our planet—and while the future may seem bleak, it doesn’t have to be. Package designers, brands, and manufacturers have the power to design the packaging of tomorrow. To do that, though, we must start today. Dieline, the world’s premiere resource for packaging design, can show what the future of sustainable brands can be from companies that already make it a priority and have flourished with loyal customers as a result. There’s no doubt about it: the end of single-use plastic packaging is the future of our world. Not only is sustainable packaging a responsibility for every manufacturer and consumer, but we can show you it’s also an incredible business opportunity.

Andrew Gibbs Founder and CEO of the Dieline, Creative Director & Programming Partner, HOW Design Live The Dieline, HOW Design Live

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