Call for seminar proposals

Welcome to submit your seminar proposal!

*The window for submitting proposals is now closed.*

We invite you to submit proposals for seminars in any area related to the packaging industry. In particular areas related to the conference topics are especially sought. Scanpack is the packaging event for a new era, which takes place on 4-7 October 2022 at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Below you will find a presentation proposal submission guide. Please read the entire guide before you start the registration. Admissions are ongoing, so please submit your proposal at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact:


Presentation Proposal Submission Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help you increase your chances of having your presentation accepted by the conference board.
For your session to be accepted, there are certain basic criteria that must be met. Your presentation must be:

  • Current
  • Non‐commercial – Presentations must be educational and informative in nature and should not be used as a marketing tool for commercial products. One or several commercial products or partners are often involved in a successful project. Your presentation should reflect the goal of the project was and how it was or was not achieved. If someone in the audience is interested in the product/s used for your case study, they can ask such questions after your presentation.
    Industry representatives are also welcome to submit proposals for presentations. It is important then that the content is generic in nature and that references are not made to your own products and solutions.
    Commercial presentations can be carried out as part of a partner program with Scanpack.
    There are also an exhibition at Scanpack where commercial messages are welcomed.
  • Relevant – presentations must follow the conference topics established for Scanpack 2022: digitalisation, innovations and circualar solutions.


The following deadlines must be respected in order for your presentation to be a part of Scanpack 2022.

  • 31 August – Last day to submit your proposal
  • 15 September –  You will be notified if your proposal is accepted
  • 4-7 October: Scanpack 2022



Scanpack reserves the right to publish presentations. Presenters must:

  • present original content, i.e. the work and property are yours alone or in partnership.
  • provide references where applicable; plagiarism is not allowed.
  • have the necessary permissions from employer, customer or similar.
  • follow guidelines and templates specified by Scanpack.


Description of your presentation

Please fill out the form as accurately as possible. Changes can be made after your proposal and can, in certain cases, be made by the Scanpacks conference board as a condition for acceptance.

A meaningful and relevant title of your presentation is crucial for attracting an audience.

If you are the only presenter, check the box for this, otherwise click on the plus sign to add a co-presenter.

Short description of your presentation
This is the description that will be used in our programme overview. The long and short description are never visible together.

Long description of your presentation
Your acceptance is based upon the content of this description. This complete description will also be published online and will give you the chance to describe your topic accurately and create an interest with your potential audience. The long and short description are never visible together.

Short biographical details
Here you enter a short description of the speaker / speakers as support to the programme council. This description will not be published in the programme. Presenters whose submissions are accepted will be able to specify their own biographical entry.

Select the language in which your presentation will be delivered. Please note that the descriptions must be stated in the same language in which the presentation is given.

Choose the conference topic that best fits your proposal.

Seminar format
Scanpack offers several seminar formats for presentations. Please choose the one that best suits your submitted proposal. The programme board may propose another format to be able to provide space in the program.

25 minutes for a traditional, lecture-type conference education session.

A 45-minute traditional, lecture-type conference education session in which a specific topic is presented and discussed.

A panel discussion / conversation. In the session time there can be included a short presentation / lecture on the topic. The time needed, disposition, panel members and moderator should be given in the application.

Workshop / round table
An interactive workshop or Round table session with attendees about a certain issue. This are opportunities for attendees with a common interest/concern regarding a specific subject to work or discuss that subject with peers in a group setting. Describe the session in the proposal. Details needed are the time required for the session, number of attendees, topics, facilitator(s), and requirement for any special technology.

Change of conditions
Please notify Scanpack promptly of any change of your conditions, such as change of employment, appointment or basis for your presentation, in order to ensure participation.


Accepted speakers are asked to promote not only their own seminar but also the conference and the trade fair in its entirety. Spread the word about your seminar on social media and among colleagues. Engage with your networks and invite customers and desired listeners via your channels in newsletters, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

All accepted speakers will be provided with different types of marketing material later.

In parallel with the trade fair’s own marketing, it is important that we help each other to spread the message and attract an audience – by working together we create interest!