Focus Areas 2018


This year we have six focus areas:

  • Smart Industry
  • Print
  • Materials
  • Sustainability 
  • Design & Branding
  • E-commerce

The Focus Areas of 2018 reflect some of the most important factors and current trends that affect the industry and developments in the near future.

Smart Industry
Industry 4.0, smart factory, internet of things, digitalization and transformation, what is it all about and what does it mean for you and what challenges does it create for the industry? Come and listen to some of the leading brands and experts who will change the game.

Learn about the modern printing industry and how does it develops as new technology changes and challenges the industry? How does digital media effect the industry? A clear trend is still personalized content in all digital marketing. Listen to the top experts in the industry and see the latest solutions for modern printing technology.

Intelligent, active and sustainable material are key components for today’s modern packaging. Listen to the upcoming experts as well as the big movers and shakers from the industry.

Let´s be clear. Change is happening, listen to people and companies who want to make a change, for the planet, its inhabitants and the future.

Design & Branding
Design is an important part of your business. Design is what makes your products stand out and make an impression. Make your products fly off the shelf. Get inspired by several experts and leading brands sharing their success stories at our Superbrand Stage.

New business models, new customer behavior, new consumer demands and new digital platforms – how can the packaging industry adapt to this environment?