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“The challenges are great – and the need for a trade fair is greater than ever”

The pandemic has posed major challenges for the packaging industry. But the effects have not been very noticeable – not yet. - But now we really need a trade fair to meet new customers, says Mats Lindgren...

Corrugated cardboard – the right choice for a circular packaging industry

The circular economy is high up on the agenda in all industries right now. There are many dimensions to increasing circularity, and a lot of effort involved, but it is a fact that some have come further than others. Co...

The paradigm shift that is behind the transformation of the packaging industry

At the time of writing, many industry sectors are undergoing major changes – including the packaging industry. Behind the change is a paradigm shift that consists of changed values and new technology. But transforma...

Digital printing opens up all kinds of creativity

As Creative Manager at the HP Indigo Division Hadar Peled Vaissman’s daily activity involves working with designers and prepress experts all around the world. On 25 October she’ll be talking about The Wonderland of Digital Print on the Superbrand stage.  Digital printing enables you to achieve a new kind of creativity that was previously impossible.

Exciting seminar on new packaging trends and solutions

The development is rapid and the packaging design and sustainable material becomes more important in a world with hard competition and more climate caring consumers. Wim Wouters, one of Scanpack´s key note speakers, will talk about the latest trends and solutions within packaging.

Prestigious Sustainability Awards to be presented at Scanpack for the first time

Scanpack, the huge packaging trade fair that takes place every three years, is the largest event from any sector to be hosted at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre. In fact, it is so large that at ...

Sustainable innovations for a better future

Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Sustainability Director at the Carlsberg Group, will explain at Scanpack how Carlsberg works strategically with sustainability through its industry-leading sustainability programme Together Towards ZERO. The presentation will contain concrete examples of what the company is doing to achieve its ambitious goals, which include achieving a net zero carbon footprint in...

Experience innovative sustainable packaging solutions at RISE at Scanpack 2018

The Swedish Research Institute (RISE) is Sweden’s innovation partner, with the aim of promoting a competitive business community and contributing to a sustainable society. At Scanpack 2018 RISE will show how they work with packaging and demonstrate new ideas, materials and packaging solutions. RISE is also arranging four educational seminars on various themes within the Scanpack Acade...

Provides renewable solutions to the customers

Mikael Hannus, Innovation Manager at Stora Enso, will hold a lecture at Scanpack on the theme “Nature’s smart materials – What a tree can do” during which he will present his ideas about packaging materials of the future and the best way to use the forest.

Fully biodegradable package with Finnish design

Sulapac® is presenting one of the world’s most ecological packaging materials for cosmetics and luxury products at Scanpack. Sulapac has been awarded as the best green packaging solution at various international events.

The possibilities with digital printing

At the Scanpack fair, Christian Menegon, Global Business Development Manager at HP Indigo will talk about the interest digital printing brings to brand owners and what’s in it for them.

Packagings from Greece can revolutionize the Nordic food industry

For the first time ever, Greek suppliers are investing in the Nordic market and Scanpack. Through eco-friendly production, A. Hatzopoulos S.A wants to offer customers first-class packaging.

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