Marketing tool kit

Here are marketing assets for the Scanpack exhibitors to use for communication with customers and other target groups.

Banners for social media

Create your own banner

Make sure your customers know where to find you at the fair. Make your own banner with a simple click. Fill in your name or company’s name and stand number. You can use the finished banner in your email signature, on the website or in newsletters.

Visibility opportunities on LinkedIn

A significant reason why so many people want to visit Scanpack is because we gather the foremost and most knowledgeable people in the packaging industry. As an exhibitor, you are one of them. Together, we can build awareness of Scanpack and at the same time increase your visibility as an exhibitor at the fair by creating various activations together on Linkedin. Contact us here if you are interested in doing any of the following activations.


Q&A Session

You answer a couple of questions that we share on Scanpacks Linkedin page, and we will send you a notification by email that there is now a post that you are welcome to share from your business Linkedin page.

Video pitch

You record a short video and pitch your contribution to the Scanpack visitor, for example, what they will be able to see in your stand at the fair.

You email the video to us, or alternatively, share the video on your Linkedin page and tag us. In turn, we will share it on the Scanpack Linkedin page.

General posts

Help us to share important highlights of the fair, such as the ticket release, on Scanpack's Linkedin page. Furthermore, we will send you an email notification when there is a post available that you are welcome to share, with the purpose of increasing reach and attracting potential visitors with the help of your network.

Post suggestion

Don’t miss Scandinavia’s leading meeting place for the packaging industry! / Meet us at Scandinavia’s leading meeting place for the packaging industry.

Scanpack is four days packed to the brim with inspiration, networking, new business contacts, seminars, and workshops. It’s a hub of creativity aimed at sharing ideas about technology, materials, and solutions that give you a competitive edge in a circular future. With 400 exhibitors, 13,000 participants, and around 100 seminar sessions, Scanpack is the ultimate platform to drive the industry forward and create new business opportunities.

Welcome to join the discussions about challenges, solutions, and how visions become reality!

Feel free to tag Scanpack in your post using the hashtag: #Scanpack

Image bank

The pictures in our imagebank are available to exhibitors for Scanpack marketing purposes in their own channels.

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