2021 sees the launch of an exciting new area, Pioneers. Here you will find visionaries, and industry innovators joining startups and students – and we expect sparks to fly! To make this the best it can be we are very interested to get in touch with all research institutes, industry organisations, universities and prominent packaging companies that are interested to participate and co-create this future arena.

Pioneers will get its own space in the F-hall, closely connected to the innovative area where we gather companies working within the field of bio-plastics. Thereby, we secure a natural flow of future-focused visitors. Pioneers will have its own stage, space for matchmaking and mingling, exhibition areas and its own lounge. Everything framed in a design that is innovative, inspiring and fun – to make Pioneers an experience to remember.

Our vision is for Pioneers to be the melting pot where ideas unite and result in inspiration, innovation and new business opportunities for the future. This way we hope to further increase the attraction and interest of Scanpack as a whole and to attract both customers and end-users of packaging solutions. Furthermore, we want to offer you as an exhibitor the chance and choice to take a clear position as a partner for the future.

Are you interested to become a part of Pioneers? Get in touch with us today and we’ll tell you more!

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