Scanpack 2021 is approaching and it is clear that the event is long awaited and of great importance for companies across the entire packaging industry. The work is progressing according to plan in terms of both the exhibition and the event content and related activities. We have several new features lined up and we will soon tell you more about these.

At the same time, we understand that many exhibitors are concerned about live events during the pandemic, and what conditions may be placed on Scanpack. Or if, in the worst case, Scanpack may even be cancelled.
We cannot give many answers today, simply because we do not know what rules will apply at the time of opening or when the regulation restricting public gatherings and public events (SFS2020: 162) will be lifted.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from exhibitors right now and our best thoughts and answers in the circumstances. Do not hesitate to contact one of us in the team if you want to know more.

Best regards,
The team behind Scanpack

Could Scanpack be cancelled?
If the current restrictions have not been lifted or new ones introduced by the authorities, which would make it difficult to stage the event, such a situation cannot be ruled out. We expect some easing of the restrictions in future and will follow developments closely.

The Swedish trade fair industry is engaging in a continuous and constructive dialogue with the Swedish public health authorities and the Government regarding opportunities to open up in safe ways, without increased risk of the spread of infection. In parallel, there is ongoing contact with exhibitors, partners and visitors in order to capture both their concerns and their wishes for the future.

We are convinced that there is a very strong desire to bring the sector together again after not being able to meet each other for such a long time. Many business relationships, and not least social contacts, need to be recreated. Scanpack will give this process an important boost. Therefore, we do not feel that it would be responsible to make a hasty decision to cancel the event or move it to an alternative date. At the same time, we understand that exhibitors need a reasonable planning horizon. In our balanced opinion, we intend to take such a decision in mid 2021, should it be necessary.

What happens to my booking if the fair is cancelled after all?
Should Scanpack need to be cancelled, we will probably consider several options. Can the event be moved to another time? Can some of the content be provided digitally? Depending on the solution, there may be new opportunities for exhibitors to participate.

As a basic principle, however, if the event is moved to a new date, exhibitors will have the opportunity to receive a full refund, less the expenses we have already borne as a supplier. At the industry fairs that have been postponed so far, more than 80% of exhibitors have chosen to participate on the new date. Those who, for various reasons, have not been able to do this, have received a full refund with a deduction for the basic fee. Since Scanpack is such an important trade fair and the need for meetings is as great as ever, we, together with Scanpack’s visitors, will of course be delighted if exhibitors choose to move with their booking to a possible new date.

What digital solutions can you offer?
The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers is the Swedish trade fair and events organiser that has made the biggest transition to digital experiences during the pandemic. In addition to our own studio environments, which are frequently used by external customers, we have produced digital events when the physical ones have had to be cancelled or postponed. In August, Vitalis, the Nordic region’s largest e-health meeting, was held as a hybrid meeting with 50 people on site and 1800 delegates taking part digitally. In September the digital Book Fair Play took place. We also held the Power Circle Summit as a digital conference back in May, shortly after the pandemic broke out. We are customising digital solutions on a case-by-case basis and we have gained solid experience in a short amount of time!

We therefore see that digital solutions can provide an excellent way to complement Scanpack as a physical meeting place, not least to spread knowledge and increase accessibility for both exhibitors and visitors as well as new potential target groups. This in turn can offer fresh opportunities for exhibitors to participate, for example as a sponsor or host, in order to engage with Scanpack’s target audience via digital channels. We are continuing to develop these new opportunities rapidly and to inform our customers on an ongoing basis.

How safe can we feel as exhibitors at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers?
As mentioned, the Swedish exhibition industry is engaging in an ongoing and constructive dialogue with the Swedish public health authorities and the Government regarding opportunities to open up in safe ways, without increased risk of the spread of infection, even during the corona pandemic. Our premises are large and through pre-registration and other measures, we can ensure both distancing and disinfection to create environments that are as safe as possible.

We do not yet know the possible requirements that will come with the lifting of restrictions. In the meantime, we are therefore working on risk analyses and the programme, “Safe to visit – Safe to exhibit”. Throughout the pandemic, our hotel, Gothia Towers, and our restaurants have stayed open. In light of this summer’s large guest flows, we introduced clear routines for increased safety and trained our staff in these, which has worked really well for our guests. In other words, we are already well prepared for when we restart our trade show operations. We will return to specific measures for Scanpack later on when we know what possible new regulations will be introduced by the authorities.

Will restrictions be introduced for exhibitors, for example regarding the number of visitors that are allowed to be present on a stand at the same time?
As from September 2020 we have seen trade fairs and exhibitions opening up across a broad front in Europe, and here in the Nordic region, Denmark already permits trade shows. In some cases, a certain number of square metres per person have been required, which means exhibitors must reduce the number of booth staff in order to be able to receive the anticipated number of visitors. It is too early to say whether similar rules will be introduced in Sweden. This is something that the authorities will decide. We are following developments closely and will be back in touch as soon as we know more.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or concerns regarding Scanpack 2021!

Thank you for your attention,
The team behind Scanpack