The possibilities with digital printing

At the Scanpack fair, Christian Menegon, Global Business Development Manager at HP Indigo will talk about the interest digital printing brings to brand owners and what’s in it for them.

HP IndigoBy definition digital printing is THE technology to be able to do personalised packages. But the print engine only is not enough, a printed substrate is not the pack.

– Therefore, we as HP, keep on adding functionalities around our solutions to allow the printers to execute as simply as possible. This may not be only a direct HP development, but possibly a partnership with a third party company which we test and validate, says Christian Menegon, Global Business Development Manager at HP Indigo.

A personalised product has an immediate value for the consumer, and an indirect one for the brand.

– There is absolutely no reason why only a product with a label would develop the consumer emotion; it could be ANY product, means with ANY type of packaging. The possibilities to personalise a product, with whatever type of packaging is there; the bottleneck is not the print, but more the converting from print to pack, and then the logistics to ensure it goes to the right person. All of our printing machines for whatever applications can do their part. All of our customers, the printer converters, can do it. Any market can be served as long as the personalisation brings a value for the consumer. Technically, any type of package can be done, but practically there are some hurdles.

HP Indigo 30000

HP indigo 30000 is HP´s B2 sheet fed machine for Folding carton. It has the well-known Indigo quality and the typical features one can expect from such printing press. It brings offset quality, some compare it even to gravure in other markets. It allows multi-application by printing on plastic media like for cards and tags on PVC, PET and PC, but also for some exclusive packaging.

And obviously it enables all new area of application with variable printing, like serialisation or personalisation, via software tools.

Interesting presentation

Christian Menegon, will at Scanpack 2018 be talking about the interest digital printing brings to brand owners and what’s in it for them if they should they ask their suppliers to deliver digital prints. He was at Scanpack a few years ago, supporting a local distributor and is looking forward to come back.

– Like everywhere around the world, a new technology needs to be explained and “qualified” before being used. Especially when it touches something serious like packaging; it brings values but also concerns and possibly some changes. I hope this Scanpack will bring more understanding on digital printing, and that my session will show these values.