Konica Minolta at Scanpack: Packaging on demand

The packaging industry is undergoing a major phase of development, with focus on sustainable supply chains and reduced waste. Konica Minolta is one of the exhibitors at this year’s Scanpack, and their on-demand printing solutions help minimise costs and material consumption.


Konica Minolta is a global group and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery for office printing and production machinery for the graphic industry; something that is extremely relevant to the packaging industry.


Mikael Wennerberg has worked in the graphic industry for 35 years, and since 2016 he has held the position of Nordic Product Manager & Sales Specialist Industrial Printing at Konica Minolta. In his role as Product Manager he also supports the Nordic sales teams with regard to the business opportunities that exist.


“Industrial Printing is already a major growth and success area for us, but it is also an area with potential for the future. It is therefore highly relevant to be able to attend Scanpack and discuss the opportunities that exist in Industrial Printing”, Mikael says.


Carina Allfors, who will be joining Mikael at this year’s Scanpack, is Nordic Marketing Lead Production Printing & Industrial Printing at Konica Minolta. Carina has more than 20 years’ experience of marketing in the graphic industry.


“Industrial Printing is a growth area. We offer production machinery for labels as well as packaging machinery designed for very thin cardboard substrate. People will never stop buying packaging or labels, and purchasing decisions are often based on the appearance of a label or packaging. You only have a matter of seconds to capture the attention of a potential buyer. We are able to provide production machinery for labels, packaging and processing of the highest quality and efficiency”, Carina says.


Profitable – and sustainable


Konica Minolta’s exhibition at Scanpack will feature, among other things, their PKG-675i digital packaging printer that allows for on-demand printing.


“The PKG-675i printer is an excellent entry-level machine for the packaging industry. It is a solution for short-run digital production that enables you to produce a finished carton or box in just a few seconds. Many companies want to be able to provide their customers with quick and efficient short-run production, and this machine is perfect in such contexts”, Carina explains.



“The PKG-675i printer can handle sheets of cardboard up to 1,200 millimetres in width and also allows for feeding of pre-die cut media. This means that the user can hold stocks of pre-die cut media for very fast print production”, Mikael adds.


The on-demand printer is a time-saving solution that offers high print quality while also reducing waste.


“If you select a high resolution setting, the printer can print around 9 metres per minute. At lower resolution the print speed is twice as fast. This high level of efficiency leaves users well equipped to meet the needs of their customers”, Carina explains.


“There is demand for machines that are available and suitable for short-run production. Analogue machines entail a lot of waste as well as high costs. We satisfy an important need in this respect”, Mikael adds.


“Anyone who cares about their customers should visit Scanpack”


On their stand at Scanpack, Konica Minolta will be joined by their partner Plockmatic International, a company that offers cutting table solutions and affordable entry-level models. Together they can offer cost-effective solutions that reduce material consumption.


Who should visit this year’s Scanpack?


“It is important to visit Scanpack to see what is happening in the industry and to find out about the latest developments and solutions that are available. For serious purchasing officers or product managers there is no excuse not to visit this event. It’s a matter of keeping pace and staying up to date with the latest developments”, Mikael says.


“This event is a must for companies that want to serve their customers in the best possible way, where efficiency, profitability and sound logistics are a priority. It has to do with staying at the forefront of developments. Anyone who cares about their customers should visit Scanpack”, Carina concludes.



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