The keys to a sustainable packaging industry

Scanpack Summit is a strategy-focused conference that gathers top-level decision makers within both the packaging industry and politics. One of this year’s speakers is Armando Mariano, Head of Sustainability and Group Director of R&D Materials and Products at Seda International Packaging Group. At Scanpack Summit, he will share his experience and present a new report made by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).


Seda International Packaging Group designs and manufactures innovative food and foodservice packaging solutions in the areas of cartons, paperboard and flexible packaging for the world’s leading multinational corporations, providing them with sustainable products in line with their environmental strategy.


For over 25 years, Armando Mariano has led new global product launches from concept to industrialization at Seda International Packaging Group.


– I will talk about the key priorities and the relevant recommendations for a safe, affordable, and sustainable packaging industry. I will also be presenting a new report prepared by EESC. The main focus of the report is packaging material conservation and renewability, “eco-design” and “fit for purpose” principles, reduction of emissions during production processes up to recyclability, and circular “no end of life ever” paper-based packaging, says Armando Mariano.


Sustainability is a rising topic within the packaging industry. Companies all over the world are making changes to meet the need for more sustainable packaging. In order to succeed, contributions from consumers as well as public institutions are vital.


– The report also stresses that the essential elements to be taken into account are safety and protection of packaged products, with particular attention to food and beverages, so that packaging is both sustainable and effective. In this regard, a sustainability-oriented approach in packaging design must not undermine these functionalities. Finally, we have also emphasized that sustainable actions have to be taken not only by packaging industry stakeholders but also by public institutions and consumers.


Evidence-based policy measures are required


The packaging industry faces many challenges. The report reveals the necessary changes that need to be made in order to overcome the challenges and create a sustainable chain across the entire industry.


– Proper collection and recycling of packaging is essential to reduce any wastage of resources. At the same time, it is essential that the implementation of harmonized criteria for packaging recycling rules and collection schemes are being used locally in member states. The European Commission should also ensure equal applicability and enforcement of the regulatory requirements for sustainability across the whole EU territory, avoiding fragmentation and internal technical barriers.


Armando Mariano emphasizes the importance of evidence-based policy measures to establish the best environmental outcome.


– Evidence-based policy measures are needed in order to ensure the best environmental outcome. In this regard, the report recommends that the upcoming revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) enables further innovation by setting targets that are aligned with life-cycle thinking, are supported by strong data and scientific evidence, and deliver the best overall environmental outcome, which also pays due attention to any impact on the products contained within the packaging.


“Tackle the biggest challenges of today and capture the best opportunities of tomorrow”


At Scanpack summit, Armando Mariano will share his insights on how the entire packaging industry can become more sustainable, and actions that need to be taken in order to create a chain where sustainability is guaranteed.


– Scanpack Summit covers a wide range of packaging topics, from the circular economy to consumers and disruption. From future packaging to smart packaging. My expectation is that we can continue to support alignment and shared visions across the packaging industry, brands and consumers. In that way, we can tackle the biggest challenges of today and capture the best opportunities of tomorrow.




About Armando Mariano

Armando Mariano is Group Director R&D Materials and Products and Head of Product Sustainability at Seda International Packaging Group. Seda designs and manufactures innovative fiber-based food packaging solutions for the world’s leading multinational corporations, providing them with sustainable products in line with their environmental strategy. With a background in chemical engineering, for more than 25 years Armando Mariano has been successfully leading globally new product launches across different packaging lines (cartons, paperboard and flexible packaging) from concept idea to industrialisation and go to market. Armando Mariano’s role include partnering across the customer’s organization, and especially with the brands, design, strategy, and supply chain teams, to develop and implement product sustainability strategies. Currently Armando Mariano is also chair of the committee on “Life-Cycle Assessment, Health & Science” of EPPA (European Paper Packaging Alliance), a not-for-profit EU association representing food and food service packaging companies from across Europe.


About the Scanpack Summit
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