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The packaging industry is undergoing a major transformation. A transformation based on making the whole chain more sustainable. At Scanpack, the packaging industry will meet and discuss new innovations and solutions. One of this year’s exhibitors is Multivac. Multivac is a supplier of packaging machines and automation, but is also a partner in packaging technology. With their mission to always be sustainable, they create solutions for tomorrow – and for today.


Multivac is a provider of integrated packaging solutions for all types of food products, but also for health and life science products, as well as industrial products. Anders Källman has been CEO of Multivac since 2010 and previously worked in the automation industry.


“Since I started, a lot has happened both in our company and in the industry in general. We have developed automation and line solutions, looking at the customer’s overall needs. Today we are not only a machine supplier but also a partner in packaging technology. We work with automation in combination with the machines to optimise production flow”, says Anders.


The packaging industry is currently facing major challenges. Among those challenges, the issue of materials has become increasingly important, both for suppliers and customers. A major focus is on reducing the use of plastics. While at the same time wanting to protect the product.


“Ultimately, packaging serves its purpose. And that’s where plastic comes in. Plastics have properties that are very good and suitable for protecting and increasing the shelf life of packaged food. What we should look at is what we can replace, and where we can reduce plastic consumption. It is not a question of eliminating plastic, but of finding a balance. As an example, we made a packaging solution for bacon. Together with the producer, we changed the format of the packaging, which reduced the plastic used by 19%. That’s an incredible amount on a single product, and in this particular case it saved 21 tonnes per year”.


Reduced food waste and tailored solutions


As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Multivac has focused in recent years on helping its customers reduce food waste.


“We can’t just focus on what material is in the packaging. Food waste has a greater impact on the environment than the type of packaging our customers produce in our machines. We help our customers to get a longer shelf life for their products and this means less food is thrown away”.


And it’s clear that Multivac’s work has paid off.


“City Gross converted and started packing their products with our machines directly in the store. It reduced their food waste by more than 500 tonnes per year”.


Tackling the sustainability challenge facing the packaging industry requires reviewing the whole chain and thus localising where change can be made.


“You have to be prepared to invest in a technology that takes the whole chain into account. There is an incredible amount of research into fibre-based materials, but at present we cannot replace all plastics with these new materials without facing some challenges. This is partly because of the manufacturing technology, but also because of the sustainability of what is being packaged. However, there are measures that can be taken. And some of those involve looking at different sustainable combinations; is it possible to find a combination of materials that guarantees sustainability? Can we convert our machines for a new material? It’s about looking at what changes are actually already feasible and can be done now!”


“We must raise our sights”


Many of the discussions taking place between various stakeholders in the packaging value chain around the world now will not yield results for several years. But new technologies and a broader perspective are creating opportunities to make a difference – here and now.


“We need to talk about what can be done now! And we need to work on what is feasible in the near future. Changing the design of a package or replacing part of the content can make a big difference. We must raise our sights and see what we can do today. Everyone must take responsibility”.


At Scanpack, Multivac will focus on the dialogue and collaborations that stakeholders in the packaging industry can achieve together.


“I look forward to meeting physically again. Customers will see what has been done and there will be room for fruitful conversation. I hope that we will look at what we can do today, but also see what we can achieve through collaboration”, concludes Anders.


Scanpack brings together the entire packaging industry to exchange knowledge and learn about new solutions and innovations. Scanpack takes place at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Gothenburg between the 4th and 7th of October.


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Multivac is a world-leading provider of packaging solutions for all types of food products, as well as health and life science products and industrial products. In addition to the manufacture of packaging machines, the company also focuses on solutions for slicing, marking and labelling, as well as quality inspection and product handling. Find out more on the website >> 


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