Smart packaging and transformation driven by new technology

Eef de Ferrante is the managing director of AIPIA (Active and Intelligent Packaging industry Association) and one of the speakers at this year’s Scanpack Summit. Together with fellow inspirers he will take the stage to share his vast experience and knowledge about smart packaging and its true enablers.


AIPIA is a member organization dedicated to creating a platform for meetings, discussions and knowledge sharing for intelligent technologies whitin the packaging industry.


– We promote the use and implementation of active and intelligent technology by educating the industry as well as connecting brands and tech profiles with each other. When we started 11 years ago there was already a huge interest in smart packaging because of consumer engagement and the discussion of food waste was very relevant. During these years we have evolved into a world wide association with over 2000 members. Which is very telling for the industry’s need for this type of organization, says Eef.


“We spread the message about what smart packaging can do”


The development of smart packaging has exploded. It is an area with a high rate of innovation driven by new technologies, which Eef means is the true enabler of behavioral change.


– New technology is the key to accelerate change. Not laws or regulations, but tech. For example new technology has done wonders in recycling materials and to encourage consumers to recycle a product correctly. For example you can add an invisible watermark that the consumer can scan and get information on how to recycle or how to use the product more efficiently.


In combination with adopting new technologies Eef wants to encourage the packaging industry to stop working in silos, throughout the supply chain.


– The supply chain is most commonly divided into silos. For example, the brands work in one silo and the logistics in another. All through the supply chain we see silos that are not connected to each other. We need to break down the silos and use smart packaging tech all over the supply chain. And we can only do that by sharing data. You generate different data throughout the supply chain, valuable data, and if you keep it in silos it’s useless. A part of our mission is to change this, and it’s a big mission.


When the box becomes smarter than its content


At Scanpack Summit you will be able to listen to Eef share his knowledge about the needs for a more sustainable future for the packaging industry.


– I look forward to interacting with the audience and asking them questions. I want to really understand what they know. Because you need to understand the importance of how influential smart packaging truly is. We have published a report called “When the box becomes smarter than its content” and this insight is crucial. Because if you think that packaging is just a wrap around a product you need to work with something else. We are heading towards a certain phase in life where the box is smarter than its content.


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About Mr. Eef de Ferrante
Eef de Ferrante is currently the Executive Director of AIPIA, the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association and was instrumental in setting it up in Spring 2012. With over 25 years of experience using a market approach to developing high-level, specialized and very successful commercial platforms, de Ferrante has a background in the creation and development of services for many industries, including Logistics. He was Managing Director for Intelligent Transport Systems Europe (ITS Europe) a global network in smart logistics and digitalization in transport.


About the Scanpack Summit
A strategically oriented conference with an international outlook, the Scanpack Summit brings together top-level decision-makers in both the packaging industry and politics. The Scanpack Summit is part of Scanpack, the key packaging trade fair in northern Europe. Learn more and buy your ticket to the Scanpack Summit >>