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CodeIT Enterprise™ - A constantly evolving ecosystem

At the heart of the CodeIT Enterprise™ Ecosystem are people with the skills and shop floor experience needed to successfully develop innovative solutions, to help customers implement them, and to support them, 24/7. You can think of them as your team of process automation and traceability experts.

Fundamental to traceability is that to track something, it must be identified and coded. This requires the collection, understanding, and preparation of data. CodeIT Enterprise™ uses advanced technologies for data capture and coding to collect all information about the products as they are produced.

With CodeIT Enterprise™, this information can made available to various processes in production and throughout the supply chain. This information enables us to help our customers to enhance many different areas of production. We call it the CodeIT Enterprise™Ecosystem.

CodeIT Enterprise™ is independent of hardware brands and gives our customers flexibility and the freedom to choose equipment and suppliers.

Our ecosystem is constantly evolving. If you cannot find software and data solutions, or equipment that solves a specific problem, CodeIT can help develop and adapt what you need.