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Packagings, packaging materials and aids to packaging
Address labels Aerosol containers Aerosol caps/aerosol valves Active and intelligent packaging Boxes and etuis - fibre, board, wood Boxes and etuis - plastic and cellular plastic Crates - plastic Crates - wood Crates - corrugated board Straps and wire - plastic Straps and wire - steel Bioplastic packaging  Blister packs Trays - board and corrugated board Trays - plastic Jar - glass Cans - plastic and combinations Cans - corrugated board Beakers/cups - plastic Beakers/cups - other Carrier bags - paper and plastic Display packs Dosage and application devices Jerrycans - steel and plastic Disposable syringes Labels - adhesive Labels - self-adhesive Drums - aluminium and steel Drums - plastic Bottles - glass Bottles - plastic (PET, PE and other) Filling material Packaging foil with print Closures for bags and sacks Glass Buckets Sleeves and tubes IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) Injection bottles Interior fittings - board and corrugated paper Edge and corner protectors Cartons - board Cartons - corrugated, E-flute and F-flute Cartons - other (window, system packs etc.) Caps Corrosion inhibitors Shrink film Envelopes Laminates - fibre/aluminium Laminates - plastic/aluminium Laminates - plastic/paper Laminates - other Glue and gluing systems Lids Boxes, sealable - plastic or cellular plastic Boxes, sealable - hardboard, plywood or wooden Boxes, sealable - corrugated board Boxes, open - plastic incl. Inserts Boxes, open - hardboard/plywood or wood Boxes, open - corrugated board Boxes, open - other Pallets - plastic Pallets - wood Pallets - other Box pallets Pallet covers Pallet collars Paper and board - reinforced, flame or greaseproof Paper and board - crèpe, tissue or wax Paper and board - metallised Paper and board - mould-resistant Paper and board - wrapping Paper and board - plastic-coated Paper and board - embossed Paper and board - sterilised Paper and board - heat sealing Paper and board - waterproof Plastic clips for strapping Postal packages Gift packs Pump spray packaging Bags - aluminium foil Bags – aseptic, 5 - 1000 litres  Bags – biomaterial Bags - laminated Bags - paper Bags - plastic (HD and LD polyethene) Bags - special (antistatic, zip, window, boil-in-bag, preserving, shrinkable, net, etc.) Tubes - board Screen printed bottles Cords and strings Solid board packs Stretch film Sacks - jute, netting, paper, plastic Sacks – big bag Tape - reinforced and/or double- sided Tape - polyester or polypropylene Tape - other Trays, forms and bowls Tubes - aluminium and other metals Corrugated board in rolls and sheets for wrapping Corrugated board packaging IBC -Foldable palletcontainers for liquids Bags - standing puches Track & Trace Hot stamping Thinwall closed plastic containers Bag-in-box bags Jar - PET Paper and board - barrier Pallets - accessories Pharmaceutical packaging Tanks, stainless Desiccants Digital printing Desiccants Moisture protection Corrosion protection Biodegradable packaging Intelligent packaging Flexible intermediate bulk containers
Packaging machinery and equipment
Checkweighers Storage, logistics and transport equipment Injection molding machines Storage buildings Automation components Process machinery 2-D Coding Anti Counterfeit Coding QR Coding Track & Trace OEE measurement Automation systems  Bag-in-box machines Strapping machines and strappers Second-hand packaging machines Can filling and closing machines Cup filling and closing machines Disk machines Labelling machines Labelling equipment Drum and container filling machines Bottle filling and closing machines Filling and sealing machines for paper bags Filling and sealing machines for plastic and laminated bags Filling machines Packaging lines - automatic Sealing machines, accessories Sealing machines and equipment Cartoning machines (with automated feed) Compressors Shrink pack equipment for pallet loads Shrink tunnel accessories Lifting tables Lifting equipment - other Box packaging robots Box erecting machines Box emptying machines Metal detectors Marking equipment, ink jet Marking - numbering equipment Marking - price and date marketing equipment Marking - bar code printers Marking – other Marking equipment - labels Marking equipment - coding Marking equipment - laser printing and scanning Automated packaging machine with protective gas  Packing tables Palletisers Depalletisers Palletising robots Pallet inverter Paper bag packaging robots Plastic/laminated bag packaging robots Portion bag packaging robots RFID - application equipment RFID - readers RFID - printer Robots - picking and placing Xray machinery Skinpack machines  Sorting tables - rotating Sorting machines Bar code equipment Stretch film equipment Suction feeders Sack filling machines – big bags and industrial sacks Sack closing equipment Sacks lifters Sacks forming mangles Sacks robots Conveyors Tray filling machines Vacuum plants Vacuum packaging machines Vacuum lifting Vacuum pumps Hot forming, automatic packaging machines  Vision control  Scales Multihead weighers