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Pack@lunch: A choice that makes a difference
Systematic packaging development
Dumping Plastic: How Creativity Can End Our Toxic Relationship with Single-Use Plastic
Sustainable Packaging Summit – introduction
Intelligent Packaging – digital connectivity for better experience and efficiency
Making plastics circular – Danone’s challenges and initiatives
The first supermarket to eliminate plastics
Transforming the UK Plastics Packaging Sector
Surface modification of packaging materials for perception delivery 
Packaging sustainability: Ambition 2030 and importance of partnerships
The most sustainable packaging is not always what you think
Sustainability Awards 2018
Sulapac® - ecological material innovation replacing plastic
The pursuit of the perfect coffee packaging
Digitalization in Food and Beverage – What is it and why should I care?
Fiber based packaging materials are on a move
Tap into the subconscious shopper mind
Sustainable innovations for a better future
FoodTech - Designing innovative food production lines
Turbo Talks
Brand owners interest in digital printing - the need to think differently!
Nature’s smart material – The power of a tree
Usability for packaging design – for better easiness to use and understand
Integrated electronics in packaging
Delighting shoppers and consumers in a changing world
Does it makes sense? Insights from consumer studies
The wonderland of digital print
The future production lines - where are we heading?
e-commerce packaging trends & its future
Turbo Talks
Requirements and legislation of Food Contact Materials (FCM)
New business models for automation roadmap in the digital innovation era. “How to integrate new technology with existing manufacturing automation landscape in order to increase flexibility and reduce time to market”.
Innovative e-commerce packaging
Intelligent Packaging – digital connectivity for better experience and efficiency
How brands can design the lives we want to live
Safe Collaboration - Robots in production
How to create long lasting relationships with consumers!
Requirements and legislation of Food Contact Materials (FCM)
The Swedes are strange, and so am I...