Lifting the lid on Liplid’s journey of innovation at Scanpack Pioneers

Scanpack 2022 sees the premiere of Scanpack Pioneers, a new arena for strategy, innovation and new business models. One of the companies in attendance is Liplid, an exciting scaleup that has developed and patented a unique cup lid design. The product is made from cellulose fibers and is 100% recyclable. At Scanpack Pioneers you can find out more about their journey of innovation, from initial idea to market.


Jesper Berthold, CEO of Liplid, first met Liplid’s founders through a joint project that involved both Liplid and RISE. At the time, Jesper worked at RISE in the area of packaging development and product testing. With his background in academia and wood chemistry, Jesper later decided to join Liplid, and together with the company’s founders he focused on developing a solution that could replace the environmentally hazardous plastic lids on the market.


“The design for Liplid’s unique lid actually came to one of the founders in a dream. He made notes during the night, and the next morning he called a friend and described his vision. That’s how everything began”, Jesper explains.


The founder’s dream signalled the start of an extremely exciting journey for Liplid. The lid, which is 100% recyclable, is made from cellulose fibers, and the innovative design means that it uses 20–25% less material than other lids on the market. Naturally the lid is completely biodegradable. 15 months ago, Liplid initiated a collaboration with PulPac that enables the company to use PulPac’s innovative Dry Molded Fiber technology.


“PulPac is a very exciting Swedish company with an innovative and sustainable manufacturing method – Dry Molded Fiber – that can facilitate the phasing out of plastics in single-use products. Their Dry Molded Fiber method is well suited to our lids, and in the near future we will be producing our very first batch of lids at PulPac.”


Premiere for Liplid’s lid at Max Burgers in 2022


The global climate goals place higher demands on companies to review and change their packaging from a sustainability perspective. At present, no less than 300 billion plastic lids are manufactured annually throughout the world. This equates to 1.5 million tonnes of plastic. In a new collaboration, PulPac will be manufacturing Liplid’s lid for Max Burgers’ Swedish restaurants as a replacement for the lids currently used for their coffee cups.


“Naturally we are extremely proud and delighted to be part of this new collaboration. Max Burgers has a programme of structured, systematic environmental measures that should serve as a source of inspiration to others. The lids we are producing for Max Burgers will be our first batch, although things are now really starting to happen across the board. We look towards the future with a mixture of dread and delight; dread in the sense that we have so much work ahead of us, but delight that things are going so well. Our aim is not mass production – we want this to be a solution for those who really want to make a difference. We want to provide them with an interesting alternative.”


Innovation and sustainability in focus at Scanpack 2022


Through companies like Liplid, Scanpack’s visitors receive a unique insight into the journey of innovation undertaken by businesses focused on sustainability and circularity.


“It feels great to once again be able to take part in Scanpack. This is an excellent arena, not just for the Swedish market but also for the Scandinavian and European markets. At Scanpack Pioneers we will be sharing our journey of innovation, from the very first beginnings to where we are today. Naturally we also look forward to the opportunity to meet potential customers. At present we are a scaleup with a small, hard-working team, and Scanpack is therefore an exciting opportunity to perhaps also meet future Liplid employees”, Jesper concludes.


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